SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 29th

Oct 29 2012

The week starts the end to a nice month.  I only hope November goes just as well.  Today’s list is kind of like a dance in High School that’s not well attended.  You normally wouldn’t notice most of the girls but since there’s not a lot of them to choose from you’ll take a few home.  Enjoy  Because music is global.  Gangnam Style. I rest my case  I put the first bid in on this one.  Great slogan and mantra. 14 years old  So I didn’t put the first bid in on this one but I do think its funny and memorable.  Just not sure that’s what I want people to remember me by.  And the award for worst airline slogan goes to………………… Somewhat negative term lessens the value in my eyes but still has pretty good value anyway 15 years old and not as strong as lesson plans but not bad for under $100 Not a huge value domain but good keyword with Solar and with more solar in the future there certainly could be a company or brand with this name I like this one as a brand. Others may like it as a  No bidders. Would make a nice list site so it has a little value  One of the few that Z is OK   Fits the two easy words description You wouldn’t think that baby rooms would be that big of a deal but almost all couples have kids and they all have baby rooms and if you know women they put a lot of time and effort into that first baby room. This is cheap in comparison

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