10 Random Thoughts On a Sunday Afternoon

Oct 28 2012

A rare chance to ponder today as I took it easy today. No running, merely a little shopping, and resting for next week’s NYC marathon. Per usual I like to put my thoughts down on paper (or screen)

1. The kids will dictate the future. My daughter had a bunch of girls over for the weekend and my only job was to feed them. So off to dinner and the next morning out to breakfast (I am a pretty bad cook or maybe just lazy) . If you want to be put back in to reality then let 4 thirteen year old girls make fun of you. At the end of the day you feel old, out of touch, and realize you can’t really dance or sing. It also gives you a glimpse of the next generation and how they use technology. Instagram rules the tween to young teen category.

2. I am trying to be more positive in life and on the blog. It’s not to say that I won’t question things, but my post blasting Rick and the TRAFFIC auction is one of my last negative posts. No need for it and I have better things to do with my time. I’ll leave the constant bitching to blogs like OnlineDomains. If I have a problem with a site or person I’ll try and handle it with emails and personal communication from now on. I’ll try to use my voice for positivity and fun

3. Next week I start getting more productive online. The time changes next Sunday and with the change comes dark. My retail businesses close an hour earlier meaning I get to go home an hour earlier. I generally work an 11 or twelve hour day and that will get reduced by an hour. That means 6 extra hours a day to do some of the things I need to get done online. The business is still busy, but nowhere like it is during the spring and fall.

4. People own a lot of shitty domains. I’m not sure how to handle all the emails I now receive regarding domains for sale and evaluations. I try not to be harsh but I do want to be honest. I am forced to just not answer many of them now due to numbers but I find myself constantly saying “you should invest in better domains” Again, trying to stay positive but I want to let them know that heartpainattack.biz is just not a great name and has no value. (made up)

5. With the increase in sales lately I find myself spending more time looking for names than ever. It forces me to do start looking for private names. On that note, if any readers are in need of some cash and have liquid domains in the category of NNNN.com LLN.com LL.net or LL.org or CCC.com then send me the domain and price. Please avoid the “this isn’t that type but I do have xxxx.biz” emails though.

6. For those of you that think you do just fine with little sleep should try actually getting the right amount for a week or two. At first you think it just makes you sluggish but after two weeks you’ll realize how much quicker you think and how much more energy you have. I’m tapering for the run and have been getting my 8 hours a day for a change and I feel like Superman. My mind feels sharp all day and into the evening. Miss that sleep and I’m done after 14 or 15 hours

7. ICANN is one of the most ridiculous organizations I have ever seen. Why is the travel budget so high?

8.  In my talks with many domain bloggers there is one thing in common.  Sales are great.  If they are not for you this year then you need to either check your valuations or check the quality of your domains.

9.   One thing that is a common trait in our industry are ideas.  The other common trait is short attention span.  It’s amazing how many ideas, websites, and ideas come and go.  Everyone seems to try things for a second and then move on.  Never even questioning their business model or even having one.  It proves that just because you own a domain does not mean you have the skills to manage a business or start a business.

10.  I am so big on audio advertising right now.  TV and video are very powerful, I don’t deny it.  It’s just that video has become so in demand and people do their best to skip past commercials.  They can’t (yet) on radio.  I realize that people can listen to their own music in their car and on their ipod but many are listening to local radio.  I am trying to make sure that if they do they hear about us.  So far it seems to be MUCH more effective than TV

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  1. @domains

    My sales and inquiries are noticeably up this year. Sales would be even higher if I didnt want more for some domains.

  2. Jin

    Come on SHANE, sometime I like to listen to your critics. Positivity is good, but sometimes, you also share your critic side, I do enjoy that as well from time to time.

    You are a bad chef, dont worry , just contact ChefPatrick, he will volunteer for your cooking

  3. Picas

    Long time from your last video you made yourself ..maybe you will do another …funny video …who know ..you can be another YT star like Gangnam style …

  4. Jason Thompson

    Shane is this April Fools in October? Your style of writing allows you to be controversial. I wouldn’t say you are negative. I actually like what you write most of the time.

  5. Mike

    Shane, in your #2 you say you’re going to be more positive and then in the same paragraph you take a jab at another domain blogger. It rings a little hollow, imo.

    I know a lot of people privately respect you for writing with candor and speaking your mind. If the king has no clothes then sometimes it takes one person to say what others are thinking. But I agree the world needs more positivity, hopefully you can find the right balance to deliver both.

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