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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Dropping And Auction Domains and A Few Deep Thoughts

I’m a little late in my list today but yesterday was a little tough for me. I have a young daughter and watching what happen yesterday is one of those moments that you want to immediately go and hug your child. Unfortunately my daughter was at a sleep over with 10 other girls and it didn’t make it easier. My wife and I turned off the TV, went out and had a nice dinner and basically just got out. This morning a large group of my friends and I went out for a long run in the soaking rain. A run that we talked of our families, our friendship, and a lot about God and freewill. 2 hours of pouring rain pales to the great conversation and camaraderie of being with close friends. It’s a testament that something so tragic can bring a group of people 1000 miles away closer. A reminder that regardless of religious beliefs, there has been and always will be, a battle of good and evil. A reminder that any money we make is worthless if you don’t have your friends and family around you. Sorry for the deep rant but sometimes real life jumps into the middle of my little party. Here are today’s names. Very easy to remember and IMO this is a high $XXX domain. Used to be low $1000 a few years ago What they call people that buy Apple products as soon as they come out. Great brand 8 year old domain and while it may not be worth a lot, I have to believe under $25 wouldn’t be a bad buy 7 years old and under $90. Has a few hundred to go IMO

$5.99 .Com with Free Private Registration! I hear buying gifts online is all the rage right now I see this and all I can think of is The Science Guy. Probably more money to be made going outside that niche 1995 domain. I was going to make a rhyme here but can’t think of anything funny and it always comes out sounding like a Lil’ Wayne line. S for society These zero or o names are difficult for me to see the use as it’s confusing but that hasn’t stopped the prices from rising Now this one I see the value. Very easy to type and say. Short and brandable. These IMO will only increase in value and are very liquid. I like this one even more And another You know how I like double Ds Like above, the 8 makes it preferable There are a few companies that would buy this from you. ddtruckstraps being one. NO bidders International Something Something Something I think infos have value with the right name and this name works perfectly with info 5 years ago people would have been climbing over each other for this one. There will still be a line but it will be civilized and probably less than 100 people. I think it’s a good deal under $800 No bidders. It will but just if not its a good buy for $69 Decent POS or online store name Absolutely disgusting. Who in the world would eat a cat? A real product with real suppliers. Sell it to them. NO bidders What most domain investors have never seen Not a ton of value but short, memorable brand


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