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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s NameJet Domains on the 14th

I’ve been working on my sites lately and the traffic has really picked up. The money? Well, that’s not much different but hoping it will come. Unfortunately the two sites I’ve been updating are mostly comedy and those pay almost nothing. EPMs of $2 or even less. But money is money and I’ll keep plugging along. Enjoy the day. Here’s today’s names   One of the better to come on Namejet in a while.  Good investment Another open auction that ends today. Surprised at the lack of price and bidding  It’s the High School equivalent diploma for dyslexics

$5.99 .Com with Free Private Registration!  Mean you’re going to do well in Chinese.  I made that up, it actually means “Dog Roar’ or 狗吼.  Chinese names are golden right now   No way farmers type this in but domainers will buy it  Another which means another surprising final price  Slang for vagina.  Much more fun to say  Already at $722

May your site be Merry & Bright! $5.99 .COM plus free Privacy from!

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Domain Spotlight: