SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on January 4th, 2014

Jan 04 2014

Just to prove the holiday has me all screwed up, I put the wrong day on TWO of my lists this week.  Between the holidays and working weird hours managing and plowing snow crews, I honestly lost track of what day it was.  And the weather is about to get even crazier.  We have another huge storm coming tonight that is going to bring record low temperatures.  The high Monday is -6 degrees with a low of -20.  Bad news is I’m going to be very cold plowing snow, good news is I get paid a lot to plow snow and some people’s plants are going to die from the cold and I will get to sell them new ones.  Although the snow may protect them.  Could be worse though, I could have to live in Florida 🙂  Here are today’s names.  Great letters,  16 years old, and ends in an A.  As good as it gets IMO  I would absolutely want to own this if I owned   You can make a living helping people with their resumes.  How ironic would it be to have your job history as working for a resume building company?  Sets the bar pretty high. 15 years old  For $100 I think you could flip it on Flippa.  Although it may not stay at $100 after this listing  It seems a little contradictory but put they’re putting pot in everything else why not Red Bull

$1.99 New Registration Working Godaddy Promo Code ytcomau03   Students probably use as many apps as any demographic.  Might as well feature the ones that will actually help them learn  Don’t find very many pronounceable LLL.coms  I’m embarrassed to say that Sam Tsui immediately comes to mind.  I used to enjoy his videos where he sings all the parts on a song.  Thought he was pretty talented until I saw 1000 other kids doing the same thing on Youtube  Sounds like a venture capital company.  No bidders. 15 years old  I don’t know if the domain has any value but just wanted to say these things are pretty cool looking.  That’s all, move on to the next domain  Chinese.  Buy it  I actually like this one much better.  Just kidding, I have no idea what they mean.  I just see all the bidders. I was looking at the list of newly added over at Cax and this one stood out.  I figured it was because I am in the market for a generator. Turns out somebody else thought the same thing  Great letters  Not sure anyone but my Grandmother calls it a handbag but the concept is solid.  Letting women or Adam Strong have a new purse each month.  Just kidding Adam, it’s an “organizer”

Pending Deletes.  Backorder them wherever you’d like  Everybody and there mother will be gunning for this one.


HAVE A NAME AT AUCTION OR FOR SALE?   Let me help you get more bidders and more views to your domain. Here are yesterdays names from the  DomainShane Book of 10.   A word we all know and use especially when things don’t go as expected.

$99 Each Until They Are Gone:,,,, (SOLD).  Printing of political signs alone is a HUGE business.  Look at all the Google ads and it will tell you the value  Cats, rugs, ethinicity.  There is a lot of Persians in the world.  Tens of thousands of searches each month   CPC of $4.34. lists it at $1900  Owner states it has earned $15 per month in parking  13 year old domain.  This is certainly the time of year where selling treadmills is a good business  In the “look at me world” we live in this name should do very well  $1500 obo  I figure since pot is going to be legal everywhere soon, rolling machines will be more popular than ever.  Email me  (pending sale) $400  All tlds taken.  A ton of affiliate programs to sell heirloom seeds.  Email Me  $300  Perfect email to respond to that offer of $10 for your  Email me

If you’d like your domain featured in the Book of 10 in future weeks please contact me for pricing and information

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  1. Paul H

    Shane, have you seen what ‘Gaowan (Gao wan)’ means in Chinese? Just did a Google search and you’d be ‘nuts’ if you bought it 🙂 Although it is also a place name.

  2. Kassey

    Hi Shane,

    Shangao may consist of two Chinese words Shan(山)meaning
    ‘mountain’ and Gao(高)meaning ‘high’.

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