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4 Replies to “This Is Why The Godaddy Scams are Working: One is Real, One is Fake”

  1. The difference is that the legitimate email does not require you to log in!

    However, this won’t make a difference for millions(?) of GoDaddy customers, that can’t be aware of which option is valid and which isn’t; potentially, this can lead to the termination of registrations due to no confirmation.

  2. If you do not click on the real godaddy one, the domains in your account cannot be account changed, nor can the nameservers be changed. The thing is most domainers and tech savvy people are aware, but what about all those small businesses, and the people holding the 1-2 or aged gem domains in their account. Godaddy needs to send out some PR warning people.

  3. “so there needs to be some sort of adjustment to protect their clients.”……..Agreed! Security needs to be improved and should be a priority as we will always be battling malicious hackers with unethical intent. I have been a long time GD customer. They are now upselling every new feature and not taking care of the core….I believe they may be losing focus. Time will tell.

  4. I used to work at Godaddy – their is (or was in my time) an SMS feature called 2 code authentication. From memory, it was to prevent unauthorized logins to your account.

    I’m always interested in hearing new ideas for Godaddy and their user experience. I came up with the idea of sortable domain manager columns 🙂

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