SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 9th, 2013

Nov 09 2013

I like Troy Rushton, he and Protrada were sponsors of this blog and I was appreciative, but he deserves the “what is he thinking”  with the naming and timing of his new conference.   One week after Richard Lau brings out NamesCon he decides to name his conference DomainsCon.  And he hold it in Vegas as well.  It’s as if he is spoofing it for The Onion or something.  Troy is due to have something go well for him in this industry but that conference is not going to be one of them….in my opinion.   Here are today’s names.  A two letter in any of the big three tlds is a good thing to own.  A case where I think “the” in front is better than without.  16 years old and a PR4    Great name for a interior decoration site.  14 years old.  I think I’m going to buy this  Would make a pretty good brand.  Unfortunately already a bid but until my post it was going to be cheap  Not a huge value but color + nouns for $10 are a good buy IMO  A fantastic name.  The seller needs to keep his personality out of the comments though.   Could go for 7 figures but it won’t be on Flippa.  He compares the sales to ebet and which although were great sales, in no way are useful in determining the value of the name other than showing that people are willing to pay millions for names they want.  And yes, I wish I owned this name.  The dot com is more valuable but the dot org works.  No bidders

Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!   Fancy name.  18 years old     I can’t believe it but I actually typed out   Maybe dot infos have gotten more valuable.  But they’ll never be as valuable as a dot com like this  A dream of many.  Unless you have to clean it  Could hit 4K IMO


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Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!

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  1. stu is an arbitration bet by being purchased from dynadot auction for $1500 a couple of months ago,a lot of this is going on lately, buying on one platform and then selling it on namejet, seem the hottest place to sell domains.

  2. LSM

    It can be frustrating but the Japanese and now the Chinese learned the hard lesson, that a ‘knock-off mentality’ may be profitable in the short term but you can safely bet against over the long haul. It will always be one step behind and eventually, people recognize it for what it is. It’s like playing chess against a grand master and duplicating every move he makes. Works great until checkmate.

    Creativity and the desire to innovate is rare in a man. The vast majority of people have never had an original thought or insight in their lives. They’re intellectual drones, unable to do anything unique unless they’ve already seen it done before or been told by someone else that’s how to do it.

    They’re annoying when they’re copying but don’t worry too much about them. They essentially never move the needle.

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