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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 11th, 2013

Not a ton of great names up for auction today.  I didn’t do a list yesterday because Godaddy was so weak and because actually had my first weekend of the year where I had no plans at all.  So I didn’t work, I didn’t write.  I did nothing and it was awesome.  I got a taste of what its like to only work 40 hours a week and sleep in until 6:30.  I think I can conquer the world with that schedule.  Or at least get my websites back up to date. On a side note, Namescon put the price of the early bird ticket at $199 and has rooms available at $79 this week. If that doesn’t take the excuse of cost out of the equation nothing does. Here are today’s names.  If royalty free photos are big business there is no reason royalty free art shouldn’t have some value as well  Sounds like a kids movie.  No bids.  14 years old   An LL dot anything has some value  A PR 3.  Build a little twitter archiver and flip for a few grand

Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!  Already a bunch of products that would love to have this name. 15 years old.  Big keyword and my favorite blog.  For some reason I think Amish when I see this one.  14 years old  I sure do love chicken.  I imagine there are others that do too  Pretty good  My name when I was back on the reservation  Sounds like a good website for pretty girls to meet middle aged men   Already at $50K


Domain Of The Day  A guru is so much better than an expert.   Good for a blog or info site

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Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!

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    Hey Shane… it actually was a small Amish-style restaurant chain in my neck of the woods. It closed down last year. This was their domain name.

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