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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 1st

December has arrived and none too soon. I didn’t sell but one name in November.  Fortunately my affiliate money was up 100% to make up for it.  My little sites don’t seem to make much but added up they do very well and add in Christmas shoppers and a few of them do very well.  I do have two sales in final stages, one thanks to Internet Traffic and  my broker.  Who was me.  Here are today’s names. Enjoy the day Probably left to someone that actually understands options spreads but people are always looking for informations about strangles and straddles. Brokers pay great affiliate money as well Ideal name for online grades for teachers. 13 years old and NO bidders Kind of an old fashioned term but everything comes back in time. Well, everything except the term “davenport”. “Couch” took over and stayed. If this was a dot com it would go for $2K so I would think that the dot org would be worth more than its current price of $12 (at press time) Sounds all techy and shit. Sorry trying to sound cool Everyone want to have a mobile payment name A true PR5. Who said you can’t get a .cc to rank? Hydroponic is the future…at least for pot growers  Larry is the first that comes to mind but other people DO share the name.  This one is underage though.  It’s only 17 years old  Imagine that.  An ending in Q up for auction.  Only happens every day  And another  Great apartment or house search name.  Only 5 bidders Ends in A and you know how I love those  Only 9 bidders but somebody wants it bad.  Already up to $1000. Good but not sure it’s that good

There are a bunch of LLL.nets as well   I’ve never recommended a dot biz BUT….this one works for me.  NO bidders so nobody agrees  As good as gold sometimes.  I’ve torn some shit up with my SawzAll  Easy Amazon affiliate money here.  NO bidders  Domain resale name all boxed up and ready to go to work

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