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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 29th

Happy Friday. Just a reminder to all of you that win names at Godaddy, you CAN use renewal promo codes at your auction purchase. For instance if you use this code GD50bbpd5 you will save almost $7 on the renewal fee that they charge you when you buy a name. Don’t let it go to auto pay, use the code. And yes this is an affiliate link but if it reminds you to save some money why not? If you don’t I promise I’ll still be here tomorrow 🙂 Here are today’s names  A timely name and going to go for a big boy price.  As relevant of a name as there will be next year  It’s a Vodka that I’ve never heard of or just a great  The History News Network would like to own this The LLLs with Qs have been regular occurrences lately at NameJet Prices is still very good for a 1995 ($105 while writing) This is the kind of names that people email me and tell me its pronounceable. Good name but pronounceable is pushing it I don’t like names that play on other’s brands and this one does but I guess the word pod doesn’t make everyone think of Apple as much as it used to  Buy this and you are officially an SEO expert Google it and you get the legendary “Can’t Play with My Yo Yo” by Ice Cube. More value as a Took this in college And ironically the grade I got in Group Theory You’ve heard me talk of my love for “touch” domains. If not, I love “touch” domains.

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  1. funny… when you said homepod was a play on someones eles brand the first thing that popped into my mind was pods… those storage things you take to your home to move. never even considered apple.

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