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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 1st

As I sit here in Vegas at 3 am writing this list I am reflecting on how many great people I got to spend the weekend with.  There are too many to list but I really enjoyed spending time with my Mom.  Rick and Howard were gracious enough to comp her a ticket to the event and everyone in attendance treated her like a rock star.  It am proud to be a part of such a genuinely nice industry.  I also wanted to thank Oscar, Ron, and Crystal for all the great dinners and fun.  Friends that go way beyond domain investing.  Enough of the girly stuff and on to the names. IMO should soar above $5k I liked a few weeks ago when it was up for sale here on Godaddy These are the type of names I like. Used to be more popular but still seem to sell. I’m not as big of a fan the numbers that start with 0 but the sales prices prove most people don’t agree with me. The coveted student. Spending their parents money on all kinds of junk Great letters. The $100 start price is more than fair IMO For $12 this is an easy buildout. Golf Resorts gets a lot of ad bids on Google Probably more known now for the Justin Timberlake movie than the representation of top dog
Go Daddy - The Worlds #1 Domain Registrar!   Very popular last name.  18 years old  17 years old.  Cyclers spend a lot of money on their bikes and accessories   Another popular last name  Great acronym letters and 16 years old   Great name and also how I like my eggs   I wouldn’t worry about Apple putting their brand on dishes or bras  No bidders.  Will no doubt be a form of payment in the future


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