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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 2nd

Hope everyone that attended TRAFFIC made it home safely from Vegas and for those that didn’t attend you certainly have more money in your pocket than I do.  I did fairly well at the casinos except for one BIG area.  The damn Houston Astros.  Coming in to Vegas I was going to bet against them every game.  And I did…..And they won every frickin game.  They had only one a few games all year.  Won back to back only once in April.  For me they win 3 in a row.  Looks like I’ll have add $1500 to the price of one of my domains.  Here are today’s names and the daily quote.
“We’re at this point where the dot-com name space — the entire name space — is exhausted.”  -Frank Schilling DMOZ listed, 16 years old, and as generic as they get 15 years old. Because doesn’t have the same appeal Very popular last name in the Middle East And many of us are To me represents doing something by yourself which would make a good brand. OOPs they want $1500, screw that one Here’s an original business model. Put up pictures of pretty girls on a website. Girls don’t like to be treated like meat yet in vegas they show all their hamburger. Pretty sure this one’s been up for sale before but don’t remember how it did. Doing pretty well now If you still believe in exact match domains than $12 isn’t a bad buy

Go Daddy - The Worlds #1 Domain Registrar!     Here’s your companion to the DailyFlesh site.  17 years old  I don’t do three letter dot org (doesn’t mean they aren’t good names) but I love this one  Not saying to buy this but shows that the 5Ls of this nature have been doing well.  Starting bid was $675 and someone took it  Great brand. One of those words that will be used for some business that is completed unrelated to the word’s meaning.  I think it crosses $10K  I would think that 95% of animal trainers train dogs but why limit yourself   I think I’ve eaten there before  Two letter dot cc domains seem to be doing fairly well over at  Under $3000 right now at Flippa


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  1. Sounds like the TRAFFIC conference was a huge success. Thanks for sharing the details this past week. Interesting stuff! Regarding your luck in Vegas, at least you went in with a plan and stuck to it. I thought that you would have put some money down on your Blackhawks, they have been on fire!

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