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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 20th

While I never like missing an episode of Shark Tank it was nice to see they finally got the bastards that left the bombs in Boston.  I’ll have to say that if I am going to commit a crime in the future it won’t be in Boston.  Those guys don’t mess around.  Combine their effort with the amazing power of crowd force detective work on the Internet, the bombers really never had a chance.  Here are today’s names

The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly.  -Theodore Roosevelt Only one bidder on this one . Las Vegas Weddings are still very popular. This one is 15 years old and is a PR2. No bidders. A few companies and sites with this name. Nice brand for $12 Despite video game sales being down across the board there is still a ton of money to be made in game reviews and tips. Strong name for that use Not as good as the above and the price reflects it. Only one bidder Surprised this one is going so low. Probably because its a little racist. It’s what we used to call Japanese cars. The enduser you sell it to will have to pay a lot or obviously he doesn’t have enough money to be worth marrying I’m sick of the new social. Looking forward to the New I used to love the Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Warren G, GMix. Nice  I am a little partial because I live near Kickapoo State Park but with no bidders it would make for a cheap resale to a company or place with this name.  I’m just too lazy to do it

$5.00 .COM and Free Private Registration from!  Like network except with an E in front of it   Great brand.  No bidders  A perfect example of domain valuators being useless.  Most show hardly any searches but there are tons of Asians with this name and it’s one of the top bids at Namejet today   S for Society   10 years old.  Good for any internet based Championship.  Fantasy Football is a 100 billion dollar business.  I made that up….but its big

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6 Replies to “SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 20th”

  1. “…the bombers really never had a chance”

    That line made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

    It was the victims that really never had a chance.

    1. Mitch,

      I look at both sides. You are absolutely correct as far as victims. That is true for all victims. Freedom leads us all to a life where we don’t have to constantly live in fear yet opens us all to being victims if someone wants to hurt. I was merely pointing out the strength, fortitude, and emotional response of Bostonians and Americans. I absolutely feel for the victims and their families as I do everyone that loses a family member from a senseless act of violence. Without getting into another debate I have watched too many people murdered by drunk drivers as well. All of it hurts and puts our mortality in front of our eyes. All I can do is try and hope that we can prevent it in the future and let those around us know that we will act strongly and swiftly when it does.

  2. @ Mitch,

    I thought it was very clear that Shane (who straight up called the bombers “bastards”) meant they “really never had a chance” (to evade police justice in Boston).

    In context, “Those Guys” followed by “crowd force detective work” definitely referred to law enforcement and FBI activity.

  3. oh man… that guy with his leg blown off and his legbone sticking out… that was offputting. reminded me of something i once saw in a bad dream. i hope the azaleas are in bloom by early may.

  4. Shane,

    Your heart is in the right place.
    I know what you said and I agree.

    Not 10 minutes before I read your piece I had just seen this photo, – and, maybe it was just me, but I thought you should have chosen another way of saying it.

    (When you look at the picture, you’ll see that that 8 year old boy never really had a chance.)

    I’m cool with how you took the time to address my comment. Most decent people feel that way.


  5. Those kids in Newtown never had a chance. Nor the kids from Columbine (happy anniversary by the way) Nor the people in the theater last year.

    How dare you write shit like this and express your opinion.

    How dare you congratulate the police and the people of Boston.

    Mitch, who died and left you king of the internet police?

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