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My Review of All The Domaining Blogs Over the Last Three Years

I’d like to take this time to personally review all the domaining blog. A review of the 35 domain blogs I’ve read over the last 10 years. Some are long gone, some just started. In no special order

1. Great. Gives Good Effort

2. Should spend more time not writing

3. Well written, lots of good technical stuff.  Can’t play basketball worth shit

4. Best in the industry, must sit by the computer 10 hours a day.  Doesn’t smile enough

5. Used to be great, domain worth more than site

6. One of the best in the Industry, loved, adored, and deserving

7. Too random for me

8. Forces things, don’t enjoy

9. Nice guy owner and writer and still I skip over all the articles

10. Pretty good

11. Hardly posts anymore

12. Only writes once or twice a week but great writes a great series. Consider writer a friend

13. Should quit

14. Did quit

15. Big name,  hired writer and never heard from site again

16. All over the board but still like

17. Found niche but not one I’m interested in

18. Used to be better but still good

19. So much potential but faded away

20. Another dead one but he’s going to make millions so it doesn’t really matter

21. Literally has passed .  He always had nice things to say

22. Good not great

23. Worthless

24. Some people love it, some hate. I agree

25. Loved to read always interesting, don’t trust the writer any further than I can throw him.  Scummy guy but again, interesting

26. Writer knew his stuff, only shared for a year

27. Best asset of all blogs. Could be more

28. One of my favorite

29. Writes with no name so has something to hide.  Can’t trust someone that isn’t willing to put their name on an article. But doesn’t write about domains really so it doesn’t really matter

30. Worthless

31.  Blog is only to drum up business for real company

32. Liked it but really a fake girl video blogger who was reading script written by friend.  Only worth following to read messages sent by bloggers. Another blogger sent the fake girl crush emails

33. Good blog.  Social misfit but funny if you get to know him

34.  Would bang……but only if you gave me a two letter dot com

35.  Writer may be clinically insane and quality of posts depends on quality of daily medicine


You probably think you know who each one is……….but you don’t

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21 Replies to “My Review of All The Domaining Blogs Over the Last Three Years”

  1. A few of my guesses:
    1. ElliotsBlog
    4. TheDomains
    6. MorganLinton
    8. OnlineDomain
    9. HybridDomainer
    15. Adam Dicker blog (forgot the name)
    23. TNTNames
    24. DomainGang

  2. A few of my guesses:

    1. Elliot’s Blog
    2. Frager (or #7)
    4. TheDomains
    6. DNJournal
    12. Morgan Linton
    24. DomainGang
    29. Fusible
    31. Epik
    35. The King

  3. Some fall in to multiple categories. . . now I gotta go take my medicine and find that 2 letter domain.

  4. Who the heck is number 34? To be honest, I like to make moves, not read blogs. Shane, you are one of a very select few that I read, simply because your daily picks have made me alot of loot. I am shocked there are this many blogs about domaining!

  5. Hello Shane,

    Your honesty gage should include :

    What domainers Blogs are of the original 500-1000 creators who really control the future.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact) (Group)

  6. Hello Adi,

    First and foremost, Remember the root domain founders and relay the truths of the current and future markets, without tainting the truth with self promoting propoganda, its getting pretty biased lately.

    Good example is

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  7. LOL at #35. I figured that must be someone I hadn’t come across, then I actually thought of a few people who might fit the bill (if you’re basing it purely on blog posts).

    1. Jin,

      You got a better chance of selling that 3dmovie piece of junk than I do of showing you the list. That thing has been around the sale block more than Lindsay Lohan

  8. “31. Blog is only to drum up business for real company”

    Michael Gilmour— whizzbangsblog dot com 🙄

    Is there any other topic about the domain industry that doesn’t involve ParkLogic on his blog? pretty monotopical if you ask me. 😆

  9. is still for sale ….so are all domains owned by me …..I do have few domains that are still with me more than Lindsay lohan is on the block.

    Iam hoping you also buy domains to sell like any other domainer

  10. I found myself in many ways in this list:
    #2 i should spend more time with writing but #7 the posts are too random for anyone and #13 everybodey think i shuld quit becouse my blog is #23 totally worthless! 🙂

    Mike @

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