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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 20th

There’s some money to be made today. I think there are 10 or so names that if purchased at the right price can be flipped pretty easily. I can’t say that most days. Especially most Saturdays. I’m finally back running again after my ecoli/salmonella/rabies/flu stomach thing I got. Still on the BRAT diet (not brats but bananas rice apples and toast). Its the only thing I can eat. Lots of white rice and oatmeal. I think I may stay on it all winter. All carbs and fill me up quickly. Here are today’s names. Enjoy the day   I should buy this for my Mom and give it to her And ironically this is something she always wants me to be   17 year old  No bidders on this decent  tablet for stutterers or a 12 year old  I almost bought this the last time it went up for auctions.  These are the type of 5Ls I love  I don’t usually buy CVCV.nets but this one is pretty awesome A real product but also could be a brand Perfectly describes the best domains small Oregon town and outdoorsy vacation spot.   My favorite name this month. I am all over it. I only shared it because everybody is already in Not sure this is worth $500 but a good sounding app type name Not speedy, not turbo, but turbospeedy . That’s as fast as I can think   Lots of people represent this one, a .net, but nearly 500 exact per month with a $25+ CPC  Not sure how you would monetize this one but obviously a word we all know  No bidders but I think this isn’t a bad name.  Very easy to say and remember and it’s short

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