Names I’ve Purchased Lately

I have been selling more than buying lately. It’s not that I’m buying less just buying fewer names at higher prices. It also helps that sales are going very very well for me (and many others) this year. Here are a few of the names I’ve purchased lately.  Some are good some are OK but the common denominator is that I can guarantee I will make money with all of them because of a good purchase price or my ability to flip or monetize them.

LandscapeDesigner. com OK I haven’t paid Elliot yet but I will (I promise Elliot). Obviously its the perfect name for me and Elliot gave me a nice early holiday gift with a fair price.

Cupcakes. info I don’t own too many dot info but I had Tia make me a Pinterest style theme that will be perfect for a website of cupcake ideas. Should be an easy buildout and it’s top 5 in my buildout que.

Galavant. com   It’s a term my Mom used all the time.  Galavanting all over town.  I think its a great travel or exploration name.  Also spelled galivant but never seen it really spelled that way

Successor. com I think I already mentioned this one.  It may be up for auction soon.  I liked the name and the price and succession is a big issue in our family business.

HDDVDBurners. com  Got it cheap will try and make a tiny bit on it.  Certainly not going to make me rich.  $100 today if anyone wants it 🙂

Algaecides. com  We sell a good amount of these to our pond customers.  Couldn’t believe how cheap it went for and I should be able to do well with this when we start our online stores since I already stock the product

TreeSpader. com   We run a tree spade planting service and they gave it away at Godaddy.  Very valuable to us in our field.

ShitIFound.  com   I thought it was funny and for the price I can easily resell it

Weety.  com   The kind of 5Ls I buy all the time.  I sell two or three a year and usually one sale covers the cost of all my 5L purchases for the year.   I had the choice to buy a subway sandwich and make it a meal or this domain.  I took the domain.

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16 Replies to “Names I’ve Purchased Lately”

  1. is ok. bein’ in the garden business you can get a little badge that says that and charge three times as much for puttin’ in a fake fountain, a few plants and a couple of rocks. sounds a lot classier than good luck with it.

  2. dude, buy a name from me i will include the holiday price as well, and you can pay me in bits and pieces as well, and you know the name 🙂 lol

  3. The preferred spelling of that term is “gallivant”. (The two spellings you mentioned don’t even appear as alternates in my huge dictionary.) Good luck with it anyway.

  4. I do like the name but agree with Randomo, I think “gallivant” is a more popular spelling. Not to say it’s not good name of course. There does appear to be a male oriented travel site at

  5. Love these domains, I will be touching base from time to time to see what is done to develop them. Perhaps I will learn something.

  6. What do You think?
    Is it better to buy short names that attract almost no traffic at all or long ones (over 20 letters) that have a lot of exact searches?

  7. Shane – My hardcover Webster’s dictionary (by Simon & Schuster) has more than 2,000 pages and must weigh ten pounds. There are a lot of things I need, but a bigger dictionary is not one of them! 🙂

    (P.S. I was a copy editor for many years, and I’m sure “gallivant” is the preferred spelling, but if your spelling is an accepted alternate, that’s fine.)

  8. Shane do you ever buy terms with good exact match for traffic? There are quite a few that come up available as hand regs for LandscapeDesigner.

  9. I really like good pick up Shane. Its the right kind of name for the .info extension and I am sure Tia will do a great job. is an excellent name, best of luck.

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