SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 29th

Sep 29 2012

It’s an odd day as a lot of the best names on my list are names that I have for sale.  I hate to toot my own horn (just kidding, I’ve never really had a problem with it) but I think my number and LLLL.coms are some of the better names on the board today.  I threw in a couple other names because everything needs an opening act.  Enjoy the weekend and the names.  One of my favorite NNNN.coms that I’ve owned but it’s time to set her free.  I buy names often based on how easy they are to type and this one works down the keyboard.  No 4s at the front or end.  Hate to see it go, that is unless it hits  a few thousand dollars and then I’ll get over it  Domain investors can be idiots some times.  This is NOT the right spelling and yet there are 89 bidders.  No link because I don’t want someone else to make that mistake J is a tough letter to end with but should do fine without my approval  You know I like 5L.coms so I thought I would share a great example of the type of names that I like.  This is it   My domain.  C’mon guys, no bidders?  I have to believe that this is worth more than $69  Another one of mine.  A few more bidders but I’d like to see this hit a million dollars  I’m selling this one because it is too close to Pixar.  Not my cup of tea anymore.  Makes about $50, mainly on movie and dvd releases. I’m not super high on this one but I do think it’s worth over $100 Like of love the lifestyle, it’s a great name and there are more than a few parties named this. Not that I would know I think people can remember sweet and videos.  This could be a pretty fun site or brand. No bidders  Doesn’t get much easier to type and remember.  No bidders  Again, this is easily worth $69 in my eyes.  Both 12 years old  Like the dot com better but the dot org would be my second short

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