SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 28th

Sep 28 2012

Another decent list today.  I’ve actually sold much more than I’ve bought lately but there have been quite a few lately that I think I can make some money on. Hope you’ve found the same thing.  Enjoy your Friday and here’s the list (not much Godaddy as their list sucked today) Ends in four but starts with 8. I say finishes at $1100  Not many guys named Wallace anymore but more and more with the last name every year.  16 years  Used to be the nickname of my dog who would wipe its butt along the carpet.  I forget his real name

LandRecords.coms   Plenty of public data to fill the site with but you’re going to need a scraper.  16 years old  That’s a better word than scraping .  You’ll need an extractor to get all the records Not nearly as many LLLL.coms today but this one is nice.  Homeschooling and dot org.  The perfect pair. No bidders.  14 years old The W’s always have more value because they are call letters of TV and Radio stations  I figure if Music is worth $10 million then this can be worth $69. No bidders  Sounds juicy  Look how many results come up for this  I know it doesn’t have much value but love the name. Catchy and people absolutely would remember it  Sounds like its already a popular site.  Much better name than Groupon DON’T get caught on this typo Another just to meet quotas

StreamingLive.TV  a perfect domain for a TV ending  $10,000?  Really?


Dedicated Servers at Deal of the Week! $4.95 .COM domains.  Offer ends 9/25/2012!

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  1. Corey

    I thought would hit in the 1,100 range as well but suprisingly it only went for $720. I guess gd is not the place to sell nnnn.coms

  2. Dave Tyrer

    I’ve thought for a while it would be great to see the final sales prices of a small selection as per Corey’s comment. Maybe these could be published in the next episode of The Big List, time permitting. For example, from today’s list, I’d like to know what Wallace dot net, DealStreet dot com and StreamingLive dot tv sell for. That could be an entertaining addition to this feature and maybe people could be encouraged to courageously hazard some guesses too. Or maybe people could make requests like I just did. Anyhow thanks for the posts Shane.

    1. Post author


      Great idea. I’ll start posting the results for the day. I won’t do it every day but I’ll pick a few days a week and showcase it. Thanks

  3. Michael

    In regards to the lists you make Shane (I know theres been a lot of talk about this lately), I have picked names up off your lists for years. I like your lists. A few of my better name haver come from your lists. MINE! Thank you so much, when I flip this badboy, I’ll send ya a little sumthin. Maybe a slingbox ; ) But Im sure you’d prefer/already have Apple tv.

    Thanks again man, I’m still a fan!

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