SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on Sept 22nd, 2013

Sep 21 2013

As I’ve stated before I like to diversify my investments.  While I feel domains are a fantastic investment, I also think real estate and stock are a good place for your money as well. I follow two thoughts on my investment.  Put my money where my mind is.  If something seems obvious to me I invest.  Second, buy in to fear.  My best investments have been 2008 to 2010 when everyone thought the world was ending.  Right now I’ve been going with the obvious in the stock market.  Ford, I’ve already talked about, Take Two which makes Grand Theft Auto, and Taser.  Take Two is so obvious.  They have the biggest media launch in the history of mankind.  A billion dollar in sales in 3 days.  I think that the stock has a lot of room to run and they will do wise things with all this cash.  In long term.  Taser.  Tasers are the future and have become accepted as an acceptable form of defense.  The new taser bullets will and have changed the word.  A remote tase from 100 feet away will replace deadly bullets.   Time will tell if I’m right.  Here are today’s domains.  Only two days left and it’s met reserve so it WILL sell.   Under $1000 would be a good buy IMO Sell this to someone that installs ponds and patios. I saw three companies on Google that would like it as a name upgrade There are millions of people that buy or read books a week before they go out to Vegas. Don’t know why but I like repeating vowel LLLL.coms. Sounds so European Awesome Could easily cross 4K

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Backorder Domains    16 years old.  Would make a great online shoe store name  A good site for a …….swimming store.  That’s right. That’s the amazing analysis you can only get here at DomainShane   If people can spell it I think it would make a great brand.  I see clothing or data.    Some people think cuddly stuffed animals, others think of people dressed up as cuddly stuffed animals…with holes in the costumes.  I know that’s spelled with an ie but still reminds me   Per usual, going to be a lot of action on this one


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