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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 16th

It’s Sunday.  A day I like to get a few projects done and watch lots of football.  I’m going to try and get 10-15 miles on these old tired legs. I ate a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday because Monday starts my training for the New York Marathon and what better way to end the gluttony I’ve enjoyed this week than a dozen of my favorite treats in the morning.  Enjoy the day and today’s names. For someone that doesn’t want just a broker but the “best” broker. And we all know you can’t call yourself the best if you’re not I like it as short for derivatives. Easily worth the $15 and 17 years old Works with dot me. Muscle people are all about me  I’ll guess $375  One bidder.  Sounds professional. 13 years old  No bidders?  Build a snipe system and charge $5 a month. Easy money   Nobody wants materials that are local.  Everyone wants to be different.  Especially in their floors.  NO bidders  I’ll say $2500.  The pattern overcomes the 4s.  Great number  Three character dot com that will easily hit $750  One more  Like it as a brand.  No bidders 9 years old   Another nice one  Promise me. People use them and they set them up right in front of my view


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Domain Spotlight:

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