Vujadin Milinovich Now Entertaining Offers Over $3,000,000 for

Sep 15 2012

I received an email this morning from Simonas Balnys stating that the owner of was interested in selling and would consider offers over $3,000,000.  The owner is the present Controller of (owned by Josh Metnick) Vujadin Milinovich. According to the email,  I received the invitation for offers because I do business in Illinois which is true. Not sure if they knew I was also a domain investor or not.  I admit I think this domain is worth the 3,000,000 price and could easily be a stand alone business, but not sure mass email is the best way to sell a 3 million dollar domain.  One thing that strikes me as odd is the fact that the owner works for which seems to be a successful business model.  Why wouldn’t the same business model be followed on if it works?

According to on 6-8-202 the domain was originally financed by DomainCapital and was transferred to the present owner.  If I were in the same shoes (and I wish I were), I would test the market as well.  While I have no idea of the price, I am pretty sure a $3 million sale price would reward the owner with a nice profit. Best of luck to the Vujadin and although I am biased, I think is one of the better names to come up for sale this year.

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  1. chris was for sale a few months ago and I believe asking price on that was $2M and I would think Cali has a lot more commercial value than Illinois.

  2. John

    If is worth $3 million what is worth or the many other more business friendly states with better weather?
    No way in my opinion is worth more than
    Illinois is one of the worst states to do business in and the weather is not good for 7 months out of the year.
    Having lived in the state for close to my entire life it’s starting to add up to not be here anymore.

  3. corey

    I looked at and it appears to be running as a business right now. Lots of ads, postings and so on. Im sure there is at least one person that is willing to pony up 3 mil.

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