SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on December 12th, 2013

Dec 12 2013

I saw that Namebrokers was giving away “Domain Broker Licenses” to those that complete their program.  I’ve been doing this awhile and as far as I can see anyone can give away a license at this point.  I don’t believe there is any regulation.  Adam Dicker certainly knows what he is doing and I don’t think anyone would be overspending by paying $500 to learn from him, but I do question the validity of any “brokers license in domain investing”. They should just sell it as a class by a person that knows what the hell they’re doing and forget the fake license. Take a look and tell me what you think in the comments. On a side note, I’m headed to Vegas today to take my Nephew for his 21st birthday.  His first time.  You’ve probably figured it out that I like to take my family places (although we end up in Vegas quite a bit).  I’m tired of only seeing my family at weddings and funerals so over the last few years I’ve made an effort to try and do some fun things with them. And we’re going to have some more today. If you have any sports bets I need to make let me know.  I haven’t been paying attention and could use some picks.  Here are today’s names.  No four at front or end means this should soar past $25K  Under $250 is a good buy IMO  Sounds like a word you would use to give an example of a made up word.  No bidders  194,000 listings for people with the last name Wonak.  At $12 pretty sure you could make a few dollars selling them a personal email  Not a four to be seen which means big bucks in today’s markets  Good teaching domain.  You can start with teaching them between your and you’re.  Only 1 bidder at press time  Chinese name. Just buy it

New Domains from!  Sounds like a kids brand.  Cute that sounds like a new startup. I think I used to own this but too lazy to look it up.  No bids  18 years old.  Great name to talk Cubs World Series  I’m handing out meteorite broker licenses after my $300 class this saturday.  Quit laughing.  They’re a hell of a lot rarer than domains   Bored went for a buttload of cash and this has even less letters  Another nice  I come home grubby every single night.  It’s why my friends call me whiskers.  Old SNL joke  I am full or I’d like it even more  You hardly have to visit the home anymore with modern technology.    Yet the commission rate has hardly come down


HAVE A NAME AT AUCTION OR FOR SALE?  Let me know.  I can help promote your name

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  1. Adam

    Brokers licenses ? What’s next a “domainer card” ?

    There probably needs to be a code of ethics and a way to insure professionalism among brokers, because quite frankly anyone with an email address can claim to be a broker. I’d think that the existing pack of brokers surely has to see this as a problem since it’s obviously being used as a self-serving purpose to sell some sort of “educational” effort. Sorry but I wouldn’t leave it up to 1 group who have a profit-centric motive to come up with this.

    A bigger entity needs to be part of this and current brokers should be brought in if there is a “licensing” created. It needs to be less about making a buck on “educating” and more about insuring professionalism, and most of all ethics among those who are in this field.

  2. Acro

    The truth is, there are plenty of fly-by-night spammers that call themselves ‘brokers’. They damage the reputation of the domain owners and that of broker professionals.

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