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Dec 12 2013

Today and every Thursday I post a list of 10 domains that are for sale.  Normally I only put domains that are up at auction, but this list will contain both names at auction, domains with websites,  or just straight up for sale.  Some of the names are paid listings, others are names that I thought were a good value.  Here is today’s list.   Officially it may be spelled wrong but so many people do that it  has been accepted and has millions of Google results.  Two of the biggest events in the world are going to be there in the next 2 years. The World Cup and the Olympics. Right now it’s yours for $1 but I imagine that will chante.  Three number dot coms don’t come up for auction very often.  Especially ones without a 4 at the front or end.  Whoever buys this will be making a good investment IMO.  These are the six figure domains of the future  Ironically 16 years old.  A perfect name if you are or want to be in the adult domain market  10 years old.  $15 CPC.  Other counseling names have been sold for $1000 plus.  Contact owner via whois email if interested $650  Pretty sure this is high month for people looking up how to stop their coughs and runny noses.  $888  Funny how the X at the beginning actually makes it pronounceable.  Still under $500 which I think is a good price for almost any  $1500  Could easily make a whole site of youtube videos  Great name for a kids product  $25K  Dude or man in Spanish.   Vato Gonzalez already tried to buy it but evidently hasn’t sold enough records yet.  Will sell for six figures eventually IMO  Ferrochrome is the key ingredient to making stainless steel. Not everyone knows what Ferrochrome is but those that do know its importance.  A cool sounding word on it’s own and I imagine it’s where the word chrome came from.  Already met reserve so you win and it’s yours.

If you’d like your domain featured in the Book of 10 in future weeks please contact me for pricing and information

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