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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 13th

Happy Thursday.  Got back mentally yesterday.  Been so busy and tired I couldn’t concentrate.  I promise you all that I will catch up on email.  I enjoyed the break so much when Godaddy went down that I’ve pretended that my email was down for 2 more.  Not good business I know but I’ll make it up to them with a real fancy email reply.  Here are today’s names.  Only 52 bidders on a keyword like this?  Brands really have taken over  The entire Internet is looking for these  This may stink as an acronym but I love it memorability. I’d like to own this one  I probably don’t have to tell you but this is the airport code of Khan Al Baghdadi Airport in Iraq Have to admit I am surprised that the low end LLL.coms on Godaddy are going for this much. This one is much less at $3300  Short and liquid.  Just like Daddy likes them  Other than and, this is the only I will ever recommend I don’t really like LLL.nets but I do like this one because of the double A Everyone knows what a good bag. You can be THE goody bag. IMO a good buy under $50. 12 years old This one will do well. If you are going to look for a partner, you might as well look for someone with a good job I’ve seen this at the end of doctor’s names but had no idea what it stood for. Evidently it stands for High Complexity Laboratory Director Vietnamese word for Pomelo. Also an Not sure which one gives it more value  I was actually looking for one of these the other day.  And yes, there are a bunch of people that make them  I should buy this to form a support for people like me that eat 5 Chipotle burritos a week


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