The Ultimate Poll: Are You Tired of Polls?

Sep 12 2012

Polls are a great way to gather data.  To understand your readers and to get opinions. But with all great things comes overload.  Polls have been so easy to create that they now appear at every corner.  I used to participate but I now find myself ignoring them unless its something I feel very adamant about.  So I ask you the ultimate poll question.

Are you tired of polls? Because I had a few in mind but if people are tired of them I won’t enter the poll arena

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  1. Orangelo

    I’m getting where I don’t read the blogs as much anymore.

    Most people just talk silly stuff anymore.

    There are only a couple, three blogs that provide any information that is useful to domainers.

    The fact that Proctor and Gamble is developing out or some shit news like that means not a fucking thing to me as a domainer. That’s development news….not domainer news.

    Domainers are not developers ; Developers are not Domainers. However, each can chose to do both….but that is two professions.

    If I had my way I’d start a domain feed with no posts that have to do with development. There is nothing out there just for domainers.

    Yes….I’m tired of polls also. 🙂

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