SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 15th

Nov 15 2012

There is an auction ending today over at Snap that has some solid names but per usual, most are priced at end user pricing yet marketed to domain investors. Same formula, same results.  I’ve seen all over DnForum and now it’s at the Year End Extravaganza at $5-10K?  Same people looking at this auction as the boards.  I like the name a lot and if it was half I’d take it but then again I am a reseller.  Here are today’s names.  This is going to do well for three reasons.  Short, 18 years old, has the hot word “pin” in it ends in LA.  Good enough for me  I’m not really buying dot nets but I may be able to make an exception on this one  The W makes it radio and TV friendly and it’s a 15 year old which gives it value  Big seller in statuary.  Especially the little ones.  Surprised this has NO bidders  One of the best CVCVs to come out in the past month.  Will do very well.  Been up for auction before and did well so I can’t see why it won’t do well again  No value but had to point out this was my nickname on the basketball team  Again, not much value but for $69, I think this is a great app or startup name  Gradesheets have certainly gone online and teachers are looking for both printable and online gradesheets  When gambling becomes legal in the US, and it will, you’ll be glad you own this one  It’s a PR5 that you could have for under $200.  Put something on it and put it up on Flippa and triple your money  Deleting so you may want to put your name in at several different places on this  Good paying keywords, org works, and I’m a minority (officially I am) so I like it I know bad tld but some people are dumb enough to think the emails are from Obama. Dog owners spend a shitload of money on their pets. They like them more than other people. I have no idea what the reserve is but at least you know that if you win and it meets reserve you’ll get the name  Evidently we need this according to Mike Cohen


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  1. Anthony


    I notice a lot of names coming up for auction that someone ‘buys’ then they come up again. Have you noticed this, is there really that many people that do not follow through with the purchase?

    Warm regards,


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