SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 16th

Nov 16 2012

Hard to believe it’s that time but we get our Christmas trees in today. It seems like it gets earlier and earlier but we always get them in right before Thanksgiving so I guess its just later than I thought. We’re going with a little different marketing plan for Christmas this year. I’ll give the details once it’s over to see how it went. Changed things up this year on how we promote our products and as I’ve discussed before, have gone to radio, newsletters, and a few billboards. I’ll give a little report once we get through Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Now onto today’s names. The kind of domain Elliot would go after so you know it’s good Plenty of room to run at the present price (at $500 at press time) Probably best known because of Jay Leno but also a nice sounding brand Who doesn’t love a clean deal?   Sometimes it needs to be shut   As good of a name as Lids  17 year old I’ll guess the final price at $5200. This was Jay-Z’s name when he was a kid  PR3 and can be used by anyone that does installations Not huge value but certainly a large group of people that would be members of this tribe  I was the king of dodgeball. I’ve been waiting a long time to say that.  I really was that good  No bidders.  Decent Brand  I thought for sure this one would have a bidder but nope Going cheap over at  One more  I’ve been on a few of these. It takes practice to find the right bows for your Christmas presents.   A real skill

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  1. Nick Capece may be 16 years old, but I don’t see any real strength or commerical intent in the “wedding advisor” term for generic search. I also have a strong suspicion this domain has been deindexed (aka “banned”) from Google.

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