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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 6th

Yesterday I received a little notice from Paypal letting me know I had crossed the 200 transaction mark for the year.  I had already passed the $20,000 mark so I was already on board for the 1099K form to be sent.  The $20K doesn’t take much but in the 200 transaction mark surprised me considering I just use it for Domain Shane.  Evidently I had a lot of money coming in and out this year.  My accountant (I sleep in the same bed as her) has her work cut out for her.  Here are today’s names.  Not too shabby for a Thursday. Great brand. Also my Native American name in Cherokee studies in college. 13 years old  Ironically I’m picking up a puppy soon but as opposed to most pet owners, you won’t see a million pictures of her or hear me talking about it like it’s a child.   Great brand and it’s what all of us domain investors are. 17 years old   I for international.  Second only to ending in A  I would think that the thousands of T-Shirt makers and Screen Printers around the world would want this Not sure it has any value but damn funny   Short but is it Droos or Druzzzz?  Ending today.  One of the most popular Chinese names and a domain I wish I can afford.  Easy flip in 3 years   A Type of tea or martial arts.  Chinese name and that’s all that you should need  Not a big girl kind of guy but there are plenty of them out there.  Be careful though the shorts company may go for this as well  Because regular dating just takes to long  Several places around the US with this name.  Only 2 people bidding  No bidders.  I was thinking password manager when I saw it but also thinking ticket manager aka passbook on the iPhone  No bidders.  Hard to find a better domain for an ad blocker other than Really surprised this has no bidders. IMO a pretty good value at $12 Last name and could be a brand. NO bidders at $12 with NY in the middle has to be worth something.  Not that anyone will be faxing in 5 years except old people


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