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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 7th

I’m going to give you two pieces of advice that will make your life better. One, get a few free links by signing up for websites that allow you to have your own user page and include a link.  Two, get a Fraser Fir Christmas tree.  Full, doesn’t lose its needles, soft, and holds ornaments well.  Enjoy your Friday and hope you find some profitable names.  Another one of the public auctions that ends today.   Princess Lea always comes to mind but I imagine it’s not what is going to take it over the $25K mark. You should buy it  Another public auction and the org doesn’t bother me one bit. One bidder at $12. A bit trendy with the i but there is still big demand and has a pretty big keyword of travelagent within. Would probably do pretty well.  High paying keyword.  Lasix is trademarked making this one more valuable. #seebetter A PR5. There’s a business model of building out PR5s or other high PR domains and selling them on Flippa after a year. Here’s your scifi links for cheap. A PR5 as well and as a man that lives 3 miles from Illini Greeks I can attest there is plenty of content available. And on a hot day it can be very photogenic. Presently under $100 Solid for under $150. 11 years old Under $100 and the C for corporation is solid  No bidders Lots of smoke, never talk of work, and Melissa Theuriau.   One of those words that means one thing but would be a perfect brand for many different things.  Great name  Great education name.  AKA High School  Not extremely valuable but English verb and No bidders.  A combo I enjoy  No bids.  Can’t decide of this is an awesome name or a negative name.  No bidders may answer that question. 12 years old   People are always looking for the “best” beaches.  Greatest would work too   No bidders.  I think cellulars are going to catch on with time #cellularsarecool  The gay version of DomainGang  One sided review site? No bidders No bidders   Text broker name just waiting for you



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