SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on August 27th, 2013

Aug 27 2013

Every day I get emails from people asking me to buy or review their portfolio. Now they can get a real review from professionals over at It will be interesting to see how many people that email actually take advantage of it. My guess is most of them will be so bad that Michael won’t be able to make a show of it. But at least they will get an honest opinion from people that know what they are doing. Here are today’s names. This one has some good letters. I have to admit I will have a bid in on this one. Surprised how low the price is Been up before I believe. Perfect for someone that likes music or someone like me that actually sells rock Not very nice language but no bidders, pretty funny domain, and 14 years old. I bought the other day and already working on a website. It’s going to be pretty funny. “i” names still seem to sell. Actually higher than I thought it would be but upload, download stuff does well These used to be gold, now they are just good. One of the better NNNN.coms with a 4 in the beginning yet this year. Should do well Only one bid at $10 at press time. I expect that to change drastically

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD  18 years old.  Just hoping it doesn’t turn into a whore like Miley Cyrus in 3 years  No bidders.  14 years old.   Everyone is looking for one  Because some company called vodio went with  So many early Internet buzzwords in one place   We’ve all gone to those government unclaimed money sites   Great name for one of those faxless fax to email sites


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  1. HowieCrosby

    I’m glad you saw Michael as the professional in evaluating domain names; So what have you been explaining to your readers then if your not a professional?

    1. Post author


      You got it wrong. Michael is gathering the professionals. I don’t call myself anything. I merely write my opinions, ideas, and you can judge for yourself. By the way it’s you’re not your. I get that wrong all the time as well.

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