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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on August 28th, 2013

Yesterday I got my biggest affiliate payout in 3 years. It was a four figure payout. The site doesn’t get a lot of traffic and I was actually bummed out a few days earlier about how little it was making. It was my fault because I hadn’t put much in to but it pretty much made it all worth it with one sale. Can’t tell exactly what they bought but it was over $10K worth and I got 10%. I only post it because we have to remember that running an affiliate business is a cumulative thing. One good day can make up for a lot of bad or mediocre days. And yesterday sure did. The other thing of note is I added that particular affiliate link and it hadn’t made hardly anything until yesterday. Here are today’s domains

“I only want what I can fit in my hands but I have huge hands” -Shane Cultra I would imagine this gets a little QVC typo traffic Most will dismiss this name but for $12 and a 14 year old name this one is pretty good for the Asian clientele. As I always say, people love their pets more than their friends and are always willing to buy stuff for them. Even a bodyguard One of the few dot biz I have had on my list but the chord banking biz is big and pays well No four at front or end means $2K plus Smartphones are going to be around a long time and the price and bids reflect that others think the same A steal under $100 IMO

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Dubon I like it because it’s a nice looking and sounding but it’s also a last name  Camera lens still sell well  No bidders, 15 years old and how Miley Cyrus sang the other night.  (two Miley references in a row…sweet)   Many people need info on this because they have no idea what VOIP stands for  I think this would make a great name for a mountaineering guide company.  NO bidders  Not sure there is money in it but certainly traffic to be had

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  1. Is the affiliate site a CJ type site?
    Are You using a program templated site or did you build it yourself with WordPress?
    Amazon Associates doesn’t allow for illinois residents to sign up and I’ve wanted to use them for quite a while now on some names I own. Nice Sale.

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