SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 19th, 2013

Nov 19 2013

I wanted to start off today’s list by welcoming a new sponsor to DomainShane.  Namejet.   I’ve always thought they brought the most consistent and best names of all the auction platforms.   Anyone that knows Matt Overman who runs the show over there,  knows he’s one of the nicest guys in our industry and certainly is the hardest working.  Emails answered at midnight and seven days a week.  Their sponsorship will allow me to redo the website and add more content in the near future.  If I can add the last sponsorship that I have to sell then that writer might actually speak English and I promise it won’t be Raymond Hackney 🙂    Here are today’s names.  One of the best dot nets you’ll come across.  A million dollar business has been built on and this tld is much better  Get the domain investing joint venture out of your mind.  Think Silicon Valley  A perfect name if you are starting a domain blog or site.  No bidders  Speedy and snacks are two words that go together well. Surprised this one has no bids  Great letters and the price reflects it.  Still a little more room to run IMO  15 years old.  Average letters meaning at least $6K.  Three letter dot coms are picking up steam once again after being fairly quiet in the spring.  You can tell it’s getting near end of year. People are trying to spend some money and these are as safe of bets as any domain  See above.  X doesn’t scare me  Most are going to see this as the stock symbol for CEMPRA.  Just kidding, most people have no idea who Cempra is  You must be American if you think it’s spelled wrong.  The rest of the world spells it this way. comes as a package deal Executive Jet.  I have always wanted to make enough money to have a jet.  It’s something I dream about.  My backup is to be best friends with Frank Schilling and fly with him.  I thought I was there but then realized Frank makes everyone feel like they are his best friend.  No bids  Every single kid carries a bookbag. My name.  Set up a store and then lost my Amazon affiliancy because I live in the shitty state (government wise) of Illinois.  The first bid will meet reserve and be a third of what I paid for it   I am always surprised how many people will hock their car on a moments notice.  Nice brand for a site about flipping some product.  Take the hotel wake up call to a whole new level. 10 years old No bidders   I know how much you guys like to smoke weed.  Actually I have no idea what you guys like

Backorder Domains   A fairly popular last name or a way off version of LMAO  As a guy that used to work in a steel tubing factory in college I can tell you that there are whole businesses built on just selling just this  As a man that has trouble sleeping I can tell you this.  Actually I sleep like a baby every night but I’ve heard that millions of people need help getting to sleep.  I just figure they aren’t working hard enough No bidders.  If there is any city that goes with hardcore it’s Vegas  I don’t put a lot of LLL.orgs on here but I really like this one and dot org.    Has already hit a good price but it’s nothing for a payroll company  Ends in 8 and no 4.  Should do very well  Kind of goes with my mantra in the top right hand quarter

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