A Few Sales Results of Auctions at 4.cn

Nov 19 2013

For some reason our industry chooses to only record certain select sales results in our weekly and annual sales results. These are real, authenticated (as authenticated as any domain sale is) sales.  I guess a few billion people buying and selling domains isn’t worth bothering with.  I think all official sales are important, especially if you deal in specifics such as NNNN.coms and short letter domains.  They are one of the biggest sellers in the world. As a result I will be introducing soon a daily and weekly sales report that incorporates foreign auction houses as well as the tradition North American and European sales results. Each night and at the end of every week.  All in a nice searchable, organized list.  ( I know that doesn’t sound like me)  To give you an example, her are some of the sales that will not reported but happened in the recent past over at 4.cn and don’t ever get reported.

Sanyong.com $1001

YYSC.com $984

Duanjie.com $1919

2520.com  $6729

BBShop.com $3299

9650.com $3775

Qun.com  $53,997  (an example of a big sale that gets missed)

0540.com $2626

5724.com $2002

LwLw.com $1148

Chuangxun.com $3297

18.la  $6975   (not many dot la hit this number)

CNJG.com $985

3964.com $2232

UXZ.com $4595

5720.com  $4185

Goubiao.com $2478

99876.com $1329  (yes 5 numbers)

All sale reported from closing sales history at 4.cn

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  1. Mike

    You are right Shane, the reporting system for sales is not always accurate and transparent. Domain sales and website sales are years and years away from the statisical analysis of other investments, ranging from Stocks to even Hockey cards and comic books! Its still the Wild West here!

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