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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 11th

I’m an auction nut.  Not because I get caught up in auctions but because I love to find great deals on things.  Things that I was going to buy anyway or things that I can resell. This Digital Domain auction is going to be HOT. Tons of electronics and other great misuses of money to be had by all. I’ll be buying some things if I can find someone to pick them up for me.  Good thing about domains is you don’t have to pick them up.  Here are today’s names.  As a guy with a teenage daughter, I could use website to guide me through the next 4 years.  I’m sure there are others Nothing wrong with double Ds  Nice name for a radio show or sports blog.  14 years old  I thought I would take this one with no competition but evidently there are 18 other knowy alls

ILoveFu**   I’m a little embarrassed just typing it out.  I can’t imagine how I feel when I put it on my business card.  Can’t get much easier to remember than this.  Other than  I was going to insert a joke here but all I can think of is Kids and another word for Boobs and those just don’t work together in a joke  Great letters will give back a great price These type of names were all the rage. I think they are even more because most people can’t afford If this were plural I would be all over it. But since its singular I’m just flirting right now. Great price under $25 IMO I Rated is just a little dirtier than X rated. I made that up The raw diet, clean living, paleo diet. This would be a great brand for the healthy living folks. 12 Year old domain domain for under $12. Would make a nice brand. A real PR5, 4,000 backlinks, and filling it with content would be a breeze

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