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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 12-12-12

First of all. Lucky day today with the whole 12-12-12 thing going on. Really looking forward to see all the great things that are going to happen today.  Before we get to the names I suggest you guys take a look at Develio. You may be saying how is this different than any of the other web development or mini site maker (a term he didn’t like me using when we talked)?  The difference is it is Jacob Fedosky.  A guy I trust.  Many of the other guys that were doing it I didn’t.  Not saying it’s going to change your domain business, just saying I like the young man and he seems to work real hard.  Now on to the name. went for $8200 so adding using my calculator brain and vast experience I come up that this should be worth between $800 and $2200 depending on the weather Not the best we’ll see today but then again this my first so there’s still a chance Rather than make an entire “the only reason I wrote this post is for affiliate money” like did yesterday, I’ll just put this up a day earlier praying that you’ll click through this link, buy the domain, and I’ll have enough money to buy my wife those Jimmy Choo running shoes she’s been asking about for Christmas. They have the slogan “Shoes so hot they’ll never notice you’re slow”. And yes I get paid to write this shit but I don’t write to get paid.  Buy this one and I get her the matching Jay-Z 50/50 club edition diamond encrusted GPS watch.  Pretty strong LLL even for a dot net  Great blog, tv show, and overall brand. All for the low low price of $12 $18  $30  Same here  1995 domain.  Making a comeback.  Howard Hughes and Hugh Hefner are going to be cool again  As long as there are computers or data, things will always need to be scanned.  As long as humans continue to get more impatient the more valuable the speed part becomes  Scarlett Johansson or Scarlett O’Hara.  Build a site on the former and I will come  SS is good unless you’re talking about Germany   No bidders. Plenty of these on the Boards of Trade and Mercs.  And they have lots of money.  Only two bidders (WAS two bidders) Great call to action name in a high demand field.  The first dot biz that I’ve put on this list all year……..I think.  I’ve done a lot of lists  It’s so fun to say.  Go ahead say it.  ahhh jaa jaaa

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  1. The Ballers at The Merc and Board of Trade are gone. You’ll have to troll the offices of River North for the Algo people …

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