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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 18th

I wanted to start of today by thanking Jason Thompson for a nice interview yesterday.  I also wanted to thank for the nice Christmas gift this year.  They actually sent me 100 grams of engraved silver.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Probably the nicest and most unique gift I’ve every received from a partner.  I work with people I like, respect, and trust but bar of silver doesn’t hurt 🙂  I’m expecting a bar of gold from Namejet. Here are today’s names Some people like it as a software download site I think the real money is as a type of my software company 16 years old doesn’t hurt either 16 years old. Quite a few companies calling themselves Top Productions Simple, short, descriptive, cheap and old. What more can you want from a domain? Only 1 bidder Can’t think of a hotter topic right now other than gun control. Dot org works perfectly A at the end means you’ll have money to spend A D at the end means……….I got nothing

Godaddy’s Newest .99 cents DOT COM Registration Promo Coupon Code cjceb99x Very easy to remember, liquid domain. IMO should end up a little over $1K  The kind of I like  Will do well.  Now or later.  A two character dot org usually goes for $800 if history stands true  Great beach name.  But I guess you already know that  No bidders on this marijuana domain.  I’ll take it if nobody else does.  Chinese investment name Fred Wilson probably wants this one.   Or maybe he doesn’t  I feel like I’ve bid on this thing 20 times over the past 5 years  I usually don’t buy LLLL.nets but this means finger in Spanish and I love fingers

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