SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 9th

Oct 09 2012

Watched most of the TRAFFIC auction and I’ll keep it short. Went exactly how I thought it would. I phone bid and couldn’t believer the reserve was over $3K. I was out at $2K and was even easy at that price. I thought that was ridiculous considering the dot net and dot org isn’t even taken (will be now by the end of the day). As for the “big list”. Short today. Been short a lot lately. It’s not the lack of names, it’s the lack of quality names. That stops some, some it doesn’t. I had no idea that paintball was this popular that there was need for a news about it  There are thousands of Fitzgeralds around the world.  One of them will probably buy this from you.  1995 domain  Strong sounding 1996 domain I realize this doesn’t have much value but say it out loud and you will get a laugh. Get it? Frozen tongue. Nevermind  Fails the radio test miserably but it will still reach a good price because it can also be an acronym.  16 years old  No bidders.  A nice sounding marketing or design brand  I think I went on this ride at Disney.  173 bidders so their are a lot of people that either want to see how this does or it’s gonna go sky high I’m going to take this one at $12 if nobody else wants it. Great reputation or id protection  Double repeating letters.  I used to know how these auctions would end but they aren’t reaching the prices they used to.  I’ll go with $600   HUGE domain but the org would make it see more informational than a real casino  Perfect for dot org.   With all the people getting invitro you have more chances than ever to flip this

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