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10 Replies to “Live Streaming of TRAFFIC Auction”

  1. These auctioneers are like over the hill, what is the deal with this auction, I see better prices for worse names on the daily drops…

  2. Guys-
    I had 5 names in this auction, 5% of the entire 100 lots and walked off with $1k for 3 names. Unfortunately, I could have done better auctioning these off outside my apartment complex. Were those Auctioneers serious? Or did we have an early April fools? First guy was OK at best, second guy…… jeeeeeeeeezus f’n Christ. Holy mother of God.
    I do however commend Rick and Howards efforts. They are always fair and maintain their integrity. Interested to see the posts that follow up tomorrow.

    What a DISSAFUCKINPOINTING day for me. There’s always tomorrow.


  3. I had 5 domains. 3 sold for $3850. In the past I had declined $$,$$$ offers for 2 out of 3 names sold.

    Now about 2 unsold domains. One got $8000 offer and another $15000 offer. But those
    Auctioneers seemed less interested in selling and more happy to jump on the the next domain.

    It was a DISASTER , not an auction. Period.

  4. @Dave Bhatia
    Wow man, even worse than me. I feel for you, thats an even BIGGER kick in the pants than mine. I’ve turned down low $x,xxx on the two of mine that sold @ $200 each. The two that went unsold, let me say this- THANK YOU GODDDDDDD. I really wanted to keep those rather than part with them for 10% of what I think their worth.
    The dynamic of the auction was completed RUINED by the amatuerish auctioneers. The second guy needs to retire from auctioneering and maybe take up enjoying being a Florida snowbird, no offense of course. I want to put his age at about 70+. Props to him though.

  5. Michael,

    I think the guy was in a rush to go somewhere (the rest room ?). May be that’s why it stinks !!!

  6. It was a well advertised auction and the name list has been available for some time. Fast moving auctions usually do really well after the first few sales once the crowd realizes that they need to be on the ball. There was just no interest by the participating parties. We should all re-evaluate the wholesale value of our portfolios.

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