SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on August 21st, 2013

Aug 21 2013

I saw this van parked in the shopping center I was eating at this week and was impressed.  My daughter got excited because she thought I was going to book a day of ziplining.  I was impressed because there are thousands of people offering zipline tours all over the world but only one has the domain and this company does.  There’s a reason they are the biggest and have several locations all over Hawaii.  Good decisions like this domain purchase.  Speaking of good domain purchases.  Here are a couple that I think aren’t too shabby No bidders. 15 years old. Good name for sports reporting or even fantasy sports  Tube names aren’t the hot names they used to be but this one is super  The NNNN.coms that start with zero usually don’t do as well but this one looks like it is bucking the trend Here’s another. Again with the ending four. Past results say $1500 to $2K…….or more, who knows. As a new customer I would absolutely use a site like this. As an owner it keeps you being nice to people that treat you like shit A good use of a dot me. Could be a another review site. A negative one, but serves the same purpose Cell phone or phone gaming site brand. Only $25 at press time

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD Fails the radio test miserably but still a pretty good brand IMO   All great letters. 16 years old  No bidders.  Adding the V saves you a few hundred grand   I liked the name and then Googled it and saw there are actually beds with slides on them.  No bidders  Who says I’m not up on fashion?  No bidders   A little overa day left.  Will sell because it’s already met reserve.  Still cheap IMO

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  1. Donny

    Supertube sold on snap for around 1400 a few weeks ago.

    Will be interesting to see the end result with this one…

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