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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on October 2nd, 2013

I was talking to a person about the keys to business and I said this.  People have to like your business.  It may be because of prices, it may be convenience, or it may be selection, but for one reason or another you need them to WANT to come back.  They can’t like you if they don’t visit so it starts with marketing.  But marketing is only the start.  Then they have to come out and buy something.  That is another small part. (unless you are a high ticket item seller).   The most important part is to have them come back.  The coming back is what takes you from successful to rich.  And while it sounds easy, most businesses will never figure it out.  I still haven’t completely.  I have people that leave for better prices.  At first I get mad and say “screw them”, I don’t want their business.  But as I mature I try and figure out what I need to do to get them back.  Often times we are not in the position to get them back because it would mean changing our business model, but other times its a simple change that adds the customer base they represent.  It’s a game that is kept score with money, and while it’s not easy, I get a whole lot more out of it than GTA V.   Here are today’s names.  As a guy that sells this I know this is a real product.  Light and shippable in sections  And 7 more medical dot info names. Present bid under $20.  That is three clicks with the $7 CPC  IMO I think this is a great buy under $4K.  Z does make it less valuable but there are many languages that Z is a good letter.  I actually don’t know which ones but every time I criticize Z I get a bunch of emails that tell me that so I have been scared into thinking the same way.    Someone please buy this so it will go away.  Sick of seeing it on the list  A good letter CVCV.  I’ll say it ends near $4K   This thing is a gold mine for the first 15 days of January  I would think this would be a great buildout name.  Hasn’t met reserve and I wouldn’t sell it for this cheap either.  This was put up for auction on Flippa but the sellers account was suspended for some reason   Great smoothe, brand name  Not a valuable name but I like the way it sounds.  Feels like a strong name  No bidders. Mom blogs are big business.  Evidently once you pop out a baby you become very wise

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Backorder Domains   I know it’s possible.  I’ve seen a bunch of comments on YouTube letting me know that I can make $100K part time.  Who says there aren’t good people out there  Big deal to a lot of families.  A good percentage of income and worries go into good childcare

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