These Are The Great Domain Deals I Get Because I Write A Blog

Oct 02 2013

Writing a blog has it’s perks.  One of them is the emails giving me first shot at some great domains.  Here is a perfect example of the many deals I get on a regular basis.  I’m not sure he would meet just an average domain investor in the middle. I figure he only did it because I’m DomainShane


My name is XXXXXXX and i’m a domain name investor.

I’ve got a domain name for sale, it’s called

As you can see, this name has a potential of becoming a brand name for

anyone who is in the business of real estate.

The price for the name is $15000, but it is of course negotiable. don’t be scared to drop your number, but hopefully if you’ll love the name we could meet at the center.

Thank you and i hope to hear from you soon


PS. i have also written to other guys, so, not to make you think that i’m pushing you

to buy it faster, but i just wanted to let you know that if any other person will come

with an offer, i’m gonna have to take it



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  1. Mike

    Funny stuff Shane….still another 6 months until April Fools Day though. All joking aside, you probably actually do get some great deals come across your desk…very interesting topic.

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