SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 12th

Sep 12 2012

Officially my shortest domain list in three years.  Plain and simple, there is a bunch of junk up for auction today and I wouldn’t waste my time or money today.   Here are a few I like but even that is reaching.  Save your money and wait for a better day.  To make up for it I left you a joke at the end. Let me know if you like it, the joke, not the names. Air hockey, foosball…all kinds of tables. If I sell these I want this domain  14 year old domain.  I like it and think it would make a great site or blog.  Sounds like it’s already a show on Nick.  No bidders  Might as well compliment the above.  Again no bidders and also 14 years old  I hear on every commercial that natural grains are good.  25 bidders agree with me  Would make a great brand. Of course the 77 year old Chinese lady that made my shoes is a Mom as well.  1 bidder, 13 years old A VERY popular Chinese name.  You want to invest in China?  This is how you invest in China

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There are three guys walking home from the bar wasted.. they see the Guinness World Records building down the street. They decide to go in to see if they can beat any records. The first guy says, “I’ve got the biggest hands”, he goes in and sure enough, comes out with the Guinness book and shows his friends his new world record of biggest hands. Second guy says, “I’ve got the biggest feet”, he goes in and also comes out with the Guinness book showing off to his friends his new world record for biggest feet. Third guy steps up and says, “I’ve got the smallest penis”, he goes in and comes out looking at the book disappointed and says, “who the fuck is Uzoma?”.

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  1. JW

    Awesome! I have been looking at domain blogs for only a few weeks now and I don’t know what this guy’s problem is wants to argue with everyone on every blog I look at.

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