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I’m DomainShane Baby! Monetizing The Trust My Blog Gives Me

I am very fortunate.  I run a very public and open blog that most domain investors have heard of.  They may not know me personally, but they generally know who I am.  I generally don’t have a filter and if anything, I guilty of being too honest.  It gives me trust and trust can be monetized.  The way I monetize it is by getting domains pushed to me before I pay for them. I almost always use (a sponsor but still a great escrow company) for my transaction over $3K.  Under that, if someone is willing to put the domain in my account first, I can paypal them the money quickly and save everyone fees. I am my own escrow.  I get the domain and pay out the fees. They do it because they are pretty sure I wouldn’t screw them over and ruin my reputation.  Most people that is.

But today I had someone act like I wasn’t going to pay or was paying quick enough. “Where’s My Money Man!‘.   That’s the PM I get 1 hour and 12 minutes after a domain gets pushed into my account.  Unlike many domain investors, I can’t sit in front of my computer all day.  I have customers and employees to tend to.  That often takes me away from my desk.  When I have important online business to tend to I get back to it as quickly as possible.  I realize the online world runs fast and 24 hours a day but many domain investors seem to just sit in front of their computers every second of the day.  This guy was as impatient as I’ve met.  I responded with an apology, explained why I took an hour and 15 minutes to pay, and then exclaimed.  “You don’t have to worry about me “I’m Domain Shane Baby” even though I know it doesn’t mean a hill of beans to most.  I still giggled when I typed it.  Evidently this guy (shithead) is known for his temper and crass but turned out to be an OK guy. Just handles things a little odd and settled down after the DomainShane Baby comment.

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2 Replies to “I’m DomainShane Baby! Monetizing The Trust My Blog Gives Me”

  1. mate, I’d forgive you for pushing a domain a week late after that ironman event
    I would struggle to cycle 25 miles without aching the next day. let alone a marathon, and swim miles and 100+ cycling miles
    I got tired typing this lol

    btw I lol’d at the ‘hill of beans’ comment. never heard that one before lol

  2. I hate- and I do mean hate with the roaring fire of a thousand suns- retards with that “unique to the internet” brand of child-like impatience.

    I’ve dealt with that on NUMEROUS occasions. Seal a deal, step out for a bite to eat, by the time I get back home I’ll have 7 emails in my box from the counter-party getting progressively more and more hysterical until 2 hours after the first time we communicated, he’s in complete meltdown mode.

    The signature of my email now reads “This email is not used for instant communications. Replies may take anywhere from 1-24 hours. If you wish to communicate in real time, please call.”

    I had to make that my sig for this exact reason.

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