SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 14th

Nov 14 2012

Congrats to Andrew and MediaOptions for the excellent hire/partnership of Tess Diaz. She is perhaps one of the nicest people in our industry. She was one of the first people to say hello and help me meet other people at my first conference and she has always is the first with a smile when I go back. AND she knows the industry as well as anyone. Congrats to them both. And now on to the names Could be used for police but could be for any category that someone has the finest. Actually that doesn’t even matter. Finest is relative I like this a lot. Not as an acronym but as a memorable brand. Does well with the radio test. Ironically I get schooled on Twitter every day Short, hard sounding, and a great 12 years old A pretty nice call to action. Simple and short. Just the opposite of how I like the ladies.  No bidders.  I have no idea what the product behind it would be but it’s 13 years old and two solid keywords  “The porn of Pinterest”  You’re welcome for the free slogan.  NO bidders but I understand why. leads the way to liquidity   I want in.  Seriously, let me in



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