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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 24th

Happy Wednesday.  Looks like Facebook is back.  Beat the numbers last night and although I expected it.  I didn’t want to be around if they didn’t so I was out.  Even poorly monetizing a billion people is a lot of money.  Here are today’s names. Hope they make you a billion dollars   Try and say it 5 times fast  I imagine it won’t stay this cheap.  Ends early in the morn  Nice number.  I’ll guess $1800  I thought all books were pretty mobile but I know what they mean  I’m sure Morgan is the other bidder.  He loves incredible and game changers  This category is so big that “healthful” is good enough.  Nobody uses healthful, they use healthy but again, still has value  A perfect name for the .me tld This names sounds so clean and fresh. 14 years old For $12 I would think you could flip this to a person that buys diamonds. Too much work for me because I’m lazy Sell this one to Lance Armstrong. Performance Enhancing Drugs is the usual meaning for PEDs Two simple words that are easy to say and spell The kind of domain I like and I’m in on the bidding.  Yeah, I see “herbs” also  No bidders and I think you could flip it for a $100 profit or so to somebody with this last name as an email  I’m thinking hair but some may think skin  A PR 5 and thousands of links.  I love hunting snarks.  One day I shot and killed 12 of them and was eating snark for weeks.

Domain Spotlight:

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