SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 31st

Halloween.  As a Father of a 13 year old it is now my least favorite holiday.  My daughter is too old to trick or treat so she just goes over to a friends house leaving my wife and I to fight over who has to get the door and give candy to the kids…….150 times.  Ding Dong. “Your turn!!!!!!!!!!”  Here are today’s names Means “hand ball” in Japanese and is also a thread wrapped ball art form. I like it because its a very nice sounding name. Domain is 14 years old, PR4 and a good amount of back links  14 years old.  I’m thinking a blog about some of the best drug deals in history but then again I just came from a hydroponic store and I may be mentally swayed right now.  (no I don’t grow or blow)   A great marketing name for a drink.  13 years old  Great opportunity for a mortgage lead site.  14 bidders  and the past tense words continue.  Somebody is selling a big portfolio of these types of names The older domainers will think of the movie. The younger domainers will wonder why the older domainers like it so much Big Boy name. Adam Strong has so he is one of the few that would step down with this name No bidders, A PR4, 12 year old name that would make a nice tech site No bidders. 10 years old. A real product although you would never know it by looking at everyone’s dirty blinds I think it has to have more value than $10.   UMMMM my favorite item at Taco Bell. For some reason they had to change the name to chili cheese burrito.   It will always be a chilito to me.

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