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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 2nd

Headed to NY today, or at least I’m trying to head there.  It will be a very interesting NY marathon this year due to the fact we get to run through a lot of the destruction of Sandy.  Will also be some logistical problems but we’ve already set aside more time getting to all the places we need to be.  I’m probably not as fast as I could be but I put a lot of effort this year towards Ironman and lasting for 13 hours rather than running fast for 3.  Still looking for under 3:15.   Edit:  I’m not going to get into a “should the marathon go on?” debate but I understand why many don’t want it to run and I understand why many businesses do.  I do admit I am starting to worry a little about my safety and if I don’t feel it will be safe to run then I won’t start.  Here are today’s names  Sounds pretty fast doesn’t it?  16 year old domain  I feel like there should be some turtles involved in this name but probably will be just fine without them   An Argentinian cent (and a few other Spanish speaking countries)   Also the name of one of my cats back in the 80s for a few months. Realized she was a girl so we called her Penny.  $30K value at  I don’t know who Gene is but I feel bad they’re calling him a rapist without any proof No bidders.  A bit long but you know exactly what it’s for. 13 years old Not sure of the use but two common words, No bidders, and 13 years old  What would a Namejet list be without some past tense verbs?  This is one of the best today  I knew this one would be popular because it’s a but had no idea it would get this many bids  The world doesn’t want any more search engines but maybe you can help them find something else. Already at $600 on this legal named.   Could have a lot of fun with criminals with this name No bidders. Have to believe this is worth $10. We all know what laughing gas is and it implies funny Only people that follow Ironman will know the value of this (unless you like visiting the Big Island). Kona is the home to the Ironman World Championships and it’s the goal of all age groupers Still can’t believe we’re using bags in our vaccum cleaners. Mr. Dyson agrees Great fitness name. I’m all over it.

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    I would never talk to someone like that. Never.

    Not behind the relative anonymity of the Internet. Not to their face.

    That’s not me.

    I switched my iPhone to 4G and checked the IP address, as I’m sure I’ve commented via my phone on your site before. That IP Address is I don’t know how 4G works, if it randomly assigns you a new IP everytime or what.

    But that commenter above, ‘Tony’, is NOT me.

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