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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, February 17th, 2023

When I was in college I needed a car but it wasn’t in my parent’s wheelhouse to buy me one at the time and I couldn’t afford one. I needed it for a job but if I had a car payment I would need two jobs. My grandfather never sold a car. He kept every car he ever had in a warehouse at his nursery. This was 1989. He looked through the giant barn and said he had a 1976 Mercedes I could borrow. A Mercedes sounds rich, doesn’t it? This one was a little different.

It was a classic silver color. Painted Mercedes hubcaps. Good looking car. But it was a Diesel. A 300D. It had 300,000 miles on it but diesel run forever. It had been driven back and forth to his home in Mexico quite a bit but always got the job done. The most ironic part of it is that my Grandfather had a houndstooth top put on it. I was going to Alabama. Home of Bear Bryant. Known for his houndstooth hat. Yeah. It drew attention.

Grandpa had the car all ready for me when I got there. It was running with a full tank of gas. Told me to bring it back when I was done with it. Off I went. Within an hour I had to pee and stopped at a rest stop and went in. When I came out it wouldn’t start. Not a bad engine sound. No sound. I called my Grandfather. “Sorry, I forgot to tell you, the battery is completely dead. When you get a chance you need to pick up another one” he said. Small detail. Instead of stopping to get one locally I just headed to Alabama. Since it was a diesel I went to the truck fuel section and kept the car running as I filled it up. I went through Drive Thru for food. Drove all the way to Tuscaloosa without ever turning it off and pulled into a Sears when I got there. 5 minutes in Tuscaloosa and people were already stopping at my car to talk about it.

That car made it 2 years and ran like a champ. Everything else on it broke. No park in the Transmission. Because I used the parking break so much, it broke. Wouldn’t turn off because one of the air tubes that turned it off got a leak. Windows didn’t roll down. Smelled like an old person’s car that only a person with an old Mercedes can understand. Has a special smell. It also took 14 or 15 minutes to get to 60 miles an hour and onramps were a “forgive me for pulling out 30 miles slower than you’re going” type event. But it worked. I took a job 50 miles away and it went 100 miles a day for over a year. No problems. Well, no problems with it running. Stopping, rolling down the windows, broken radio and all the other things. Inconveniences.

That car was a Godsend for me and something I never forgot about my Grandfather. I pulled that car right back into the barn that I got it out of. It’s still sitting there today like a time capsule. Been sitting in the same spot since 1991. Everything I left in the car still there. I need to go take a look at it and take a few photos. I’m sure she’d like to find out how I’m doing. Let her know I found a great girl and had an amazing daughter. She’d be so proud

Domain of the Day: Just guess the price……Click and look. Yeah. You’re wrong

Quote of the Day: “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” —Martin Luther

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Blue Cow gets $60 a month in parking rev Every major city has this section of town. Even our smaller town does but it is actually a very wealthy section Seems like a Sportsbook/gambling type name All 3 LLLs at auction today at Sedo and They are dot nets but very very good dot net Reserve under $100 and gets 100 plus visits a month Reserve under $25K on this one up for auction Closes today and has met reserve. As short and “rare” as it gets in major tld (yes I know there are a few single letters) Reserve is pretty fair. Swimming pools come to mind but my guess it will be pooling people together for something No reserve on this one at $69

Godaddy Domains With Bids The repeating 678 alone is making this skyrocket Exudes solid as a rock when it comes to safety Pretty sure this will be on AM radio at 4:30 am Always start local Here’s 20K in free money for Godaddy “If I die young “ People still use the word “lush”? Name didn’t make me think of anything but taken in 21 extensions so several people like it as a brand Virtual Learning something something Making money finding out where you can lose yours Also known as No Mans Land politically Sounds a lot like Snap Names More of a slogan or mantra than a business name but has value I’d love to own a bunch of names Obvious competitor to weed maps

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

The Rest of the Godaddy Domains with Bids

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