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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, January 26th, 2024

It’s funny when the older generation says the younger generation is not as tough. But they aren’t wrong. My Grandfather’s generation went to war at 18 years old. Killed and avoided being killed before they were old enough to drink. Many of my Dad’s kids went to Vietnam. It was a generation of Love and Peace but a good portion of them saw the opposite. My generation didn’t have to go to war but we grew up with Evel Knievel.

You’ve seen him but when I was growing up we used to want to be him. A whole generation of boys taking their Schwinn or Huffy bikes and forcing them to jump things they were never intended to do. Eventually, the Kuahara bikes came around made of aluminum or carbon and we hit air like we’ve never seen. Of course, a 9 year old is a fully trained professional who is well equipped to pile up dirt, lie a board across it, and jump 11 steel barrels laid on their side. If we didn’t make it who did we call? Nobody. There were no cell phones. You got up, waiting until you caught your breath from the handlebar hitting you in the side, waiting for the stomach pain to go away from taking the bar to your nuts, and drug yourself home to get the blue arm cast you earned.

Helmets were invented, but they were for motorcycle riders. We were riding a bike. “I think he has a concussion” were common words. Between the newly popular skateboard and the trying to jump things like Evel, every day was a new injury. Nobody cried, everyone whimpered. Every day was a new cast to sign a school. People didn’t wear team jerseys with other people’s names on them. You wore your own name on your shirt. With fuzzy red letters. It was fine. Back then you didn’t get upset when someone didn’t like your clothes. Worse case you just got a different shirt and came back and brushed it off. Best case you can back and hit them in the face with a dodgeball “accidentally’ in gym class. Yep, we got to strike people with balls in gym class.

So yes our kids are not as tough. I don’t know who to blame but they are weak. They don’t know how to get lost and figure it out. They don’t know how to cope with not being as good or pretty as someone else. They don’t know how to lose properly. They haven’t felt real fear or real agony. Nobody has tried to kill them. They don’t have to seek information or improvement. It’s always in front of them. This doesn’t make them worse of a human. Merely different. For all the weaknesses there are great qualities in this generation that we don’t have. They are incredibly intelligent. They know more by 21 than we learned our entire life. They are 5X productive. Sure they like more vacation but they get done more in 3 days than we did in 5. So this isn’t a complaint, its an observation. I don’t want my kid worries about dying. I want her to take tons of vacations and see the world. But I still would like to see her trying and jumping a few barrels every now and then.

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Domain of the Day: So many uses. So many things are

Quote of the Day: “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein

Dynadot Aftermarket Domains Top number of bids on Dynadot today. Ends today as well Great letters. World Wide Network I won’t lie, I think this can generate over $12 which is the renewal fee it’s just not a category I want to be in. Not judging, my office is just too close to my wife’s Great little brandable Another brandable here. Fun to say Two letters in anything worth taking a look at Pay names have done pretty well at auction

Namejet Names at Auction (All No Reserve) Top bids on the board today and highest price at Namejet Relationship or Sex counseling All major cities have one. Now you can be the one online The wework of design Good brand or your dogs name Reminds me of the Facebook and Twitter accounts I follow that post historic and interesting photos Charity all the way A description for so many Mexican restaurants. Own the category Sound like a crypto exchange Online medical ?

Sedo and Catched Names at Aucti Someone took the opening bid and took it to auction How I like my beers. In bulk Next bid meets reserve If the reserve is on the lower end it might sell Just when you thought all the eth. tlds were taken

Home.Social Biggest price on the Catched board Tiny can add up to HUGE AI can make any tld great Definitely the only time you will ever see two .fm on the daily list This is so ironic in that I was pitched the rebrand of CFD. It was literally the most undused TLD but they are trying to change that. Has bids Don’t know dot nu but I know alpha

Godaddy Names with Bids mmmmm. Can build a business around a muffin if its good enough End of year survey. A few bids A bit redundant but adding token saves you a couple million dollars It’s a buildout but a very nice keyword to build out This one is even better because it can have a sales side to it as well. Although tough word for many to spell All these are starting to get near $1000 at auction The QQ for the Chinese and the short for everyone gives this good value 1999 domain and taken in 29 extensions yet I still can’t think of a use Clothing or equipment brand. Sounds expensive like all things skiing Do it with AI Big market but Apple, Bose and Samsung own it One of the few cases where I think “The” would be better “umbrella” in Arabic WebMD ish I’m just too old to use the term gamer

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewe

The Rest of the Domains with Bids

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