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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, May 10th, 2024

Like most people, I try and eat and take supplements that keep me feeling good and performing at a higher level. My go to every day is the following

AG1 aka Athletic Greens
5 mg Creatine
2 Liters of water

I have to remind myself to drink the 2 liters every day or I forget. I try and do tap but find myself drinking a Liquid Death, Liquid IV or some flavored water that I overpay for to make sure I get it. I figure its better than not drinking it.

Creatine is a double edged sword. It really help bulk up and when combined with daily lifting keeps you looking good in a TShirt. The issue as a runner is I immediately put on 10lbs from all the water. Something I really don’t want to have as a runner. Nothing like carrying around an extra 10lbs for 26 miles. So I cut it out during heavy training season. Takes about 3 weeks to get it out of my system and for me to drop the weight.

AG1 gets me my daily vitamins and a whole lot more and true or not, it makes me feel great taking it every day. I take it after every run. I used to take it before the run but found myself having to pee during the run every time. The coffee before and that is a little too much for my bladder

Glucosime because my old joints appreciate all the help it can get

Collagen for my hair and nails. I lose nails on ultra run and found that taking it helps keep them on. Makes it pretty much impossible to chew my nails without breaking a tooth. Also trying to keep my hair and make it stronger and thicker and this has been proven to help in that area

I’ve thought about introducing a few peptides into the mix but haven’t gotten that far yet. This concoction has me feeling pretty good for my age so I stick with it. I don’t feel nearly as old as I am. I have some 60 plus year old friends that are even faster and look better than me and they have similar routines so I figured why not follow the success stories. Of course, there is a lot more to it than pills and drinks. Stress reduction and putting hard workouts, stretching and strenth training is a big part. Use it or lose it is a saying for a reason. Anything else I should be adding in there ?

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Domain of the Day: 17 years old. No reserve and the auction ends today. Being optimized for mobile is as important as any part of your web presence.

Quote of the Day: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” -Steve Jobs

Dynadot Aftermarket Domains Top name on the Dyna list. Over $2k at press time. Coming for all the backlinks There’s a business model in helping teachers write lesson plans and creating a syllabus Drop catch. Newest things dropping Nice little 5L for $500 College finder Don’t know dot sc at all. But the keyword is strong. At $10 Closes today. One $9 bid Great call to action. Solid value here IMO

Namejet Names at Auction (All No Reserve) Sounds like a VC firm that specializes in Web 3 Of Interest Good name for a blockchain related company Good name for a LGBTQ focused media company pain relief all the way It seems more generic than luxury Review management. Review gatherer. Fake reviews A bit generic but you know what the product or company provides Great rhyme which makes it very easy to remember . Post your missing pet Only two bidders. A ton of value at this price IMO

DropCatch Names From the new AI initiative from the FDA that shares the name to iPhone stands. No bidders yet The org would be even better for the different organizations and initiatives that share the name

Sedo and Catched Names at Auction Last chance to fade bitcoin Incredible keyword. Not sure what dot gl is “Good Luck” This is a business now. Dot management is meh but maybe have the dot com and this one I had no idea broker existed but tokens are fire right now Great use of the .tips tld

Stock.Technology Picked up a few bids right out of the gate I don’t see a huge adoption of dot healthcare but that’s where the opportunity may be in being early Folded Crunchbase listed company. Reserve is under $100 and gets 1800 for traffic $99 BIN $499 BIN $390 BIN

DNWE Domains for SALE (All BIN) A bit high for wholesale but a name which has a lot of use $300 at press time. Good deal IMO $200 is a great price. Steal this Taken in 160 extensions

Godaddy Names with Bids Someone told me these prices aren’t real. I think they are real now. I think Godaddy has dumped most of the fake bidding now. I have a few so I am biased but I bought them because I think they make great brands and still feel that Geez that’s a big price Something great needs to be done with this name Going to be well attended but they won’t pay very much for the domain Billions traded in agricultural commodities The company above, the platform they trade with here A product more than a company IMO Clean it up I’d drink it Solid letters. The kind I like to add to my portfolio of 4Ls I haven’t sold many of Great keyword with the dot net discount sounds like a lot of trenchcoats Not sure the market or product here but I think of awnings when I see it H for holdings Marketing comes to top of mind when I see this one Texas. Or naked people with guns I’d buy a mattress here Not sure I love center but I love tea I really like good teas . price is for all the backlinks Generic but hundreds of millions spent on beauty products that promote this Taken in 54 extensions

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

The Rest of the Domains with Bids

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